Friday, July 24, 2009

A Couple of Great Book Finds

I am terrible at writing book reviews, but I did want to mention that I found two great prayer books that are inspirational and faith-filled. I love buying prayer books, I think I am a sucker for them. It is not that I can't pray without them, but I really enjoy the comfort and security they lend me.

The first book is called,"Prayerfully Expecting: A Nine Month Novena for Mothers To Be" by Donna-Maria Cooper O'Boyle.

This books assists you in concentrated prayer throughout your pregnancy. Each month is treated as one part of the novena. There are novena prayers to St. Anne, St. Gerard and prayers to the Holy Family and our blessed mother to name a few. There are also beautiful meditations for praying the rosary for your unborn child and room to write your own prayer reflections. It is set up so that you can record certain events and thoughts throughout your pregnancy and makes a wonderful keepsake. It also includes an Apostolic Blessing from the late Pope John Paul II and a forward and blessing by Blessed Mother Theresa of Calcutta. This book would make a great gift to an expectant mother.

The second book find is called, "Bless My Child: A Catholic Mother's Prayer Book" by Julie Cragon.

This book is a wonderful collection of prayers beginning with a prayer for a mother's unborn child and leading us through the various stages of a child's life up to and including adulthood. "She offers Novenas FOR My Child, A Rosary for My Child, and Stations of the Cross for My Child." (back cover) There are numerous prayers to the saints and prayers to help your child in grow in virtue. I particularily like Morning Offering included in this book. I particularily like that book includes prayers for even the most difficult situations that could arrise in a child's life. It reminds us mother's to never cease in prayer, no matter how helpless the situation may seem. I haven't decided yet where the best place for this book will be; on my nightstand, in my purse / backpack / diaperbag or in the kitchen. At any rate, I pray that this book will help me to pray for my children more often and throughout their entire lives.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook ~ July 20, 2009.

For Today...

Outside my window...

I am thinking... that July is more than half over and that means only 3 months until the snow starts to fly again. I want to soak in all the warmth to last the whole winter over.

From the learning rooms... new books and lots of plans for a new school year. I have a few more list to complete and we are starting a new school year in two weeks.

I am thankful for... my digital camera. I love capturing precious moments and even the little video clips of our day. Looking back at the pictures brings back so many memories.

From the kitchen... gluten free hmmmmmmmm??? I have been experimenting with gluten free products in order to satisfy all of our cravings. Today I hope to make some frozen yogurt.

I am wearing... pj's. It is still early.

I am reading... too many books at once. I really need to focus on finishing some of them.

I am hoping... that I get the whole house cleaned before company comes on Friday.

I am creating... lesson plans, a baby hat, felt cupcakes from bugga bugs, a skirt for Mia and too many other things to mention. Again, I need to focus on finishing one after the other.

I am praying... for a safe and healthy pregnancy. I am still pretty shaken up over our recent miscarriage.

Around the house... lots to do!

One of my favorite things... summer harvest. I love visiting the markets in the summer and finding so many good things that I can't decide what to actually buy. We found red currants! Our first in over two years!

A few plans for the rest of the week... cleaning, cooking and soaking up the sun all in moderation.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you...

This is my version of a gluten free German fruit flan. I used a cornbread muffin recipe for the base. It sounds strange, but is moist and tastier than the normal flan base. Between the base and fruit is a vanilla pudding pie filling and topped off with a gluten free glaze to preserve the fruit.

If you have time, visit Peggy over at the simple woman blog...
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