Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My Little Girl is Eight Today!

Daughters are angels
Sent from above
To fill our heart
With unending love.
~ Author Unknown

Maria's 1st Birthday

Maria after her 2nd Birthday
Maria's 3rd Birthday
Maria's 4th Birthday
Maria's 5th Birthday
Maria's 6th Birthday
Maria's 7th Birthday
Maria's 8th Birthday

Monday, August 16, 2010

Home School Plans for 2010-2011

This year we are using an eclectic mix of Mater Amabilis Level 1A, Catholic Heritage Curricula and Seton. Our aim is to give the children a variety of good living books, some straight forward directions and a good portion of imagination to build a memorable, enjoyable and virtue building school year. Academic achievement is important to us, but the ultimate goal in planning our home school is heaven. Whatever our children learn or do, should be used to know, love and serve God. With this in mind we chose to use the following to build this year's curriculum:

We are using Sue Patrick's workbox system as a tool to keep our home school organized and fun. That is a whole other post in itself. We will also be using the books: A Year with God, Catholic Garden of Puzzles, Sewing with Saint Anne, Tea & Cake with the Saints, A Catholic How-to-Draw (all from CHC) to enrich our studies. This is just an overview of the books we plan to use. I don't plan on completing every book from cover to cover, but hope to make use of the best parts of most of these. We are really looking forward to our study on Ancient Egypt and lots of read alouds. Now, if only the baby will be good and everything will run smoothly, execution would be a breeze. But as we all know, life happens. All the best wishes to all of you heading back to your kitchen tables, dining room tables, school rooms etc. God Bless and have a great new year of learning to know, love and serve our wonderful God.

My Baby is 6 Months Old

I can hardly believe that my little baby is already 6 months old. He is the apple of our eyes. He is a happy baby as long as he is being entertained or being carried around by someone. In one of my earlier posts, I mentioned that he is a high maintenance baby and he still is. Our munchkin hates tummy time, he doesn't lay on his back for very long to play, he loves being held and still doesn't sleep through the night. Although he loves to be carried around, he is pretty easy going. He loves car-rides, stroller rides and being carried in the ergo-carrier. He is very alert and loves when his older siblings dance and sing for him. Nothing within his reach is safe. If he can reach it, he has it. He loves chatting and making noises. He also has a passion for sucking his little toes. None of my other kids were interested in toes. This little guy loves his toes. He also loves his thumb. None of my other guys sucked there thumb, but this little guy loves his thumb. Life these past six months have been busy, crazy, funny, overwhelming and amazing. Babies are so much work, but so much fun. Here is my baby on his six month birthday, wearing his brother's shades and playing with the measuring spoons.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Going Grain Free

I mentioned in my last post that we have gone "Grain-Free". This wasn't as hard as I thought it would be, but it has caused quite a lot of stress. I was lead by a facebook friend to take a look at a website that she had found called Gluten Free Society: Educating Patients and Doctors About Gluten. It took me a few days until I finally took the time to watch the following two videos, amoung others. You are entitled to form your own opinions, but I think they are true representations of what gluten sensitivity is. It is because of this research and my all around well-being (which wasn't so great) that our family decided to go TRUE GLUTEN FREE aka GRAIN-FREE.

I am not at all affiliated with the Gluten Free Society. I just want to write about what I have learned and our journey along this path. Our life will never be the same. So far I have learned that meat, potatoes, fruit and veggies are my friends and that we must get along. Almond flour is expensive, and worth it, but I must find another cheaper alternative to feed this growing hungry family if we are not to be financially ruined. I need to throw all I have learned about food out the door and go back to the drawing board. Wish us luck.

The Summer Thus Far

I haven't been feeling like blogging much lately. I always think of things to write about and then think, who cares! My life is pretty boring and I don't have anything that important to write about. And oh, I have a baby attached to the hip that only lets me type one-handed or not at all. Do I sound a little frustrated? I am. It's not that I don't love my life as a mommy and a wife, but I sometimes wish things would go my way smoother. At the beginning of the summer, I thought I would get a chance to plan the next school year, read some books, get the house cleaned, go on field trips, sip cold lemonade and relax. The truth is school is not planned, but bits of plans are scattered on my desk. I only read one book from cover to cover and the house still isn't cleaned. We went on one field trip and the lemonade and relaxing were somehow lost in the shuffle. After reciting such complaints, my loving husband would say, "But look at what you have done despite all that is going on. You...

  • nursed the baby back up to a healthy weight despite a rocky start
  • cloth diaper and always manage to have enough clean ones
  • trained the puppy, she isn't too bad anymore
  • go to the gym
  • lost 12lbs
  • cook awesome meals
  • helped your son put on weight after he lost a bunch (long story)
  • made rosaries for the missions
  • learned to cook grain-free (another long story)
  • made to daily mass a few times, better than not at all
  • got a few things ready for school
  • are not insane and I am on your side and I love you!

I love my husband. He is always honest and to the point. What if's don't count in his opinion and life is the way it is. Babies are only little for a short time and for everything there is a season. This is my life, one step at a time. I must admit that I don't like to blog about life's difficult moments. But that wouldn't be right. I don't lead a perfect life or have it all together at all times. I'm human and need to trust God will take care of all of the shortcomings. On a lighter and brighter note, I thought I would share a few pictures of our summer thus far.

A visit from Br. Paul, and old highschool friend on his pro-life walk across Canada
The boys on their 10th and 5th birthdays and their volcano cake
The kids and their friends at Heritage Park
My adorable little baby boy
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