Friday, November 26, 2010

Jesse Tree

We begin our Jesse Tree readings in two days. Here is a link to the readings we use. We are using the same tree that I made last year. I still have to purchase some advent candles. Our church is selling some for $3.00, so I better not forget money when I go there today for Holy Hour. I pray that my baby brain goes away and I can remember to buy them from the office, today. Do you have your Jesse Tree and advent wreath ready? What Jesse Tree readings do you do? Do you have certain prayers to say when you light your wreath? Please feel free to leave a comment and let me know how your family prepares for Our Lord's birth.

Christmas Cards

We made our first Christmas Cards of the year. This was a great art project and a lot of fun. We love scrapbooking and now we can make beautiful cards. We used a faux quilting technique. I adore these little cards and wish I could see the faces of those receiving them in person. Hopefully, we can make some more and share them with you.

The Fall - Continued....

Yes, I am doing a bit of a blog catch-up. I use our blog as a journal. So for my sake, here is the happenings of November:

All Saints Day Homeschool Gathering.
This year, the kids were St. Padre Pio, Blessed Kateri, St. Mark the Evangelist and his lion.

We also had our first facilitator visit for the 2010-2011 school year. We seem to be doing well. I thought I was suffering burn-out. Perhaps, that was the case. I am sure I am not the only one who feels overwhelmed from time to time. A teething baby, hurt daddy, school, housework and very little sleep left its toll. Not to mention, Noah was taking an online French course which was stressing me out to no end. There were so many problems getting online, staying online, etc. A technical nightmare that possibly fried our pc (which is in parts at a friend's house). I removed Noah from the course and my stress level went down to normal and the burn-out symptoms disappeared.

This fall has also been spent trying to train the dog. Funny, that wasn't one of my priorities, but kind of just got added to our day. The dog babysits the baby. Wherever the baby is, so too is our puppy. She greets the baby when he is playing, gives him lots of kisses and lets me know when he is crying.

The last thing of any significance to mention, is our first snowfall. It started snowing on the feast of St. Cecelia. The kids love the snow. Owen asks about snow all summer long. He loves to play in it and has been known on occassion to eat it. We are settling for a long winter and hope to share more soon.

God Bless and thanks for stopping by.

The Fall in a Flash

We are just days away from December. I can't believe how fast time flies. I hardly ever blog anymore. Every time something great happens, I am too busy to blog. I didn't even blog once in almost two months. Wow! I know it was busy, but that is crazy. Well here is a breakdown for the archives:

Noah and Maria started karate. They love it. They are studying Renbukai style karate and have their first evaluation coming up. They hope to get their black bar. I will post a picutre (if I have time lol). Here is a picture of them now in their Gi.

The baby is now sitting on his own. He sits and plays and now baths with his older brother. I love when they get to this age. He loves sitting infront of the back french-style patio door to watch the kids play in the snow.

We enjoyed a very warm fall. Until two weeks ago we were having very warm and beautiful weather. Normally we would have had snow or at the very least colder temperatures. We even had time to rake leaves this year!

Noah went to altar server training. He used to be an altar server, then we started going to the Latin Mass. We stopped going to the Latin Mass, so he can serve in our local parish. I love the Latin Mass, but we also love our local parish. We are involved there as much as we can and never really felt a part of the Latin Mass community. So we love and serve God from where we are at. Here is a picture of Noah and our pastor Father Jack.

My dear husband had a work accident. He ripped open his finger and required 8 stitches. This was a difficult time because this is the same time that the baby started cutting more teeth. He wanted to be held almost non-stop and daddy couldn't hold him. I am not sure who that was harder on, the baby or daddy. Sascha is doing better now, but he still doesn't have full movement of his baby finger. This picture was taken in the waiting room. There are always long wait times and I happened to have the camera in the diaper bag for once.

We had family pictures taken for the parish directory. Now, I don't have those to show, but I do have one of my new haircut and my cute 5 year old. He still loves sitting on my lap and giving me kisses more than anything.

So far I have only mentioned the things in October. We also had a wonderful November, but that will have to wait until my hands are free to blog about it. My baby is demanding my attention. God Bless, and thanks for stopping by.
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