Monday, February 7, 2011

We Bought A House!

It has been so long since I have blogged. Again! I don't seem to blog on a regular basis anymore. I am not that good at it anyway and I don't feel inspiring at all. I just wanted to blog today for journaling purposes. This blog was meant to be like a journal.

Today's journal entry is all about our house (not the one in the picture). We bought a house. We thought that we would be doomed to renting for the rest of our lives. We just immigrated 3 1/2 years ago. I thought that we could never afford to buy a house, let alone in a big city. With the recession, house prices have dropped dramatically, allowing us to take the plunge.

Before Christmas, we contacted a mortgage broker to find out if we would even be elligible to be qualified for a mortgage. We were shocked to find that not only were we elligible, but for a much larger amount than we wanted to spend. We spent hubby's holidays (Christmas break) looking at houses and bid on a semi-detatched bungalow in an older part of the city with lots of mature trees. We loved the location, with a provincial park within walking distance. We have posted about Fish Creek Park before. There are a number of schools in our area ( I know we homeschool, but schools have the best playgrounds ). Our new parish is a five minute car ride and I could go on. The house itself is on the small side. We prayed a lot for a sign and let God help us decide. We actually put a bid on a house that was a forclosure, was bigger, newer in a new and upcoming area. But after sleeping on it both Sascha and I hoped that the bank wouldn't accept our bid. Luckily two other bidders were bidding and one of them got the house. I can't explain it, but Sascha woke up sick to his stomach and told me that we can't take that house. Thank you St. Joseph. I prayed to St. Joseph a lot through the whole process.

Friday is possession day and I am excited. I am writing this entry sitting on the couch between moving boxes. Most of the house has been either purged or packed. I used the last six weeks to declutter. We have sold, donated and trashed a number of things already. There is no point in moving more than you really need. I am a practical kind of gal.

We are all excited. The kids have been babysitting the baby so much that I feel terrible. He loves playing with them, but he is tiring and did I mention mobile. Our Paddy is going to be a year a few days after we move. Ahhhhhh!!!! So much left to do.

I will miss this place a lot. Afterall, this was our first home in Canada together, our baby was born here and we have made so many memories here. I feel blessed to have had such a wonderful time here in Canada so far and pray that we make many new memories in our new home.
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