Saturday, November 30, 2013

MIA While Working On UFO's

It has been a long time. I have been MIA (missing in action) while trying to work on some of my UFO's (unfinished fabric objects). I took on the task of attempting to make each one of my five children an I spy quilt for Christmas. These quilts are not a secret to them, since they were very active in helping me pick out the fabrics for their individual quilts. Christmas is only the deadline and they are highly anticipated by each child. The only child that I am not making an I spy quilt for is my daughter, she is working on making her own. I am making her a bed quilt instead.

Split Nine Patch I-Spy (front)
Split Nine Patch I-Spy (back)

I See Snowballs Quilt
I See Stars Quilt
I See Stars Quilt (close-up)
Mimi's Favorite's Quilt
Modern I Spy
As you can see, I have been very busy piecing all of these quilts and have four out of five left to quilt and bind. Do you have a favorite? I like them all, but I have to admit that I am a little tired of making I spy quilts. In between, I have been busy trying to finish other UFO's. I finished a pillow for Sascha and made a few doll sized quilts that are in need of bindings. I have a Christmas wall hanging and pillow that need some attention, but they will have to wait.

I also received an order to make a bunch of bibs. I started out making them and sent a photo to the mom I am making them for, when she asked me to make them narrower (her baby is tiny). Lesson learned. DO NOT cut and fill an order until you have the specifics from the customer. No big deal. You can buy one of the bibs that I have made. I listed 8 new bibs in the shop. I started out making rosaries and pouches and table runners, but have expanded to include baby bibs, carrier strap covers and journal covers. 

 I sew as much as I can during nap time and in the evenings I try to work on making rosaries or sewing snaps on pouches and bindings on quilts. Some days are more productive than others, but first and foremost I am a mom. 

A little update on our homeschool: Owen is finally reading and finished the first Seton reader. It took a long time for him to grasp the basic phonics, but perseverance is his middle name. The other kiddos are plugging along in their studies and learning a lot. We just began adding extra math practice to our daily routine. The kids use Xtramath to practice their facts. It helps them solidify their knowledge of the basic math facts. Even Owen is getting quicker. Math is hard for him, too. We suspect that he could have dyslexia, but aren't getting him diagnosed. It wouldn't change anything by labeling him. We finally found out how he learns best and as long as we use the methods he needs, he is highly successful and will hopefully catch up to other kids his age in due time.

The weather has been cold and we have had snow, lots of snow! The kids really enjoy playing out in the snow. I can't believe that the baby, now 15 months even goes out to play in the snow. He loves the snow and looks so cute in his little snow suit.

I must get back to the family now, but before I go, I want to remind you to come back again tomorrow. A giveaway for one of my rosaries begins tomorrow and I don't want any of my readers to miss out on the chance to win. 

Until then, God Bless and happy Feast of St. Andrew.
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